Well… That Was Definitely an Apple Event

I just finished watching the September Apple event and I’m feeling a lot of emotions.

On the one hand, I really wanted to see a glimpse of the new iPhone. I wasn’t event going to upgrade this year, but I really hoped that in our society full of leaks that maybe…just maybe…Apple could have pulled off revealing the phone when everyone said they wouldn’t. Ah well, no use crying over milk that didn’t spill.

Let’s jump into some initial thoughts like I promised last week.

The Apple Watch Series 6 looks interesting. If you have an older Apple Watch or want the blood oxygen sensor, I say go for it. I’m going to stick with my Series 5 for the time being.I already bought two Apple Watches this year — I’m really not trying to buy a third. I will admit the new color options are interesting. As much as I would love to rock the Product(RED) model, I think black is still a classic color that goes with everything and I can continue to use my watch bands to coordinate with what I’m wearing when the mood strikes.

Photo Credit: Apple

I was surprised to see that Apple is going to sell three models of the Apple Watch at the same time, though. In addition to the new Series 6, the company also confirmed the rumors of an Apple Watch SE, which really is a midrange watch. It has the same chip as the Series 5 while packing some of the new features from the series 6. The Series 3 will also continue to be sold as well. The more watches that are available, the better. Plenty of options mean that plenty of people can choose what they want.

Seeing that they added a way to set up an Apple Watch for a family member without them having to own an iPhone was something I didn’t see coming and would say is long overdue. With that announcement out of the way, I’m almost expecting them to announce Android support next year…almost.

The announcement that I got most excited about during the event, however, was Fitness+. The basic idea of the service is that it uses your Apple Watch to track your workouts that you can access on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. There’s going to be new workouts added each week and they’re going to be done by proper instructors. You’ll also be able to pick different types of music to listen to during your workout and can take the playlists from your workout over to Apple Music (if you’re a subscriber of the service). At $10 a month or $80 a year, it works out to be significantly cheaper than my gym membership. I didn’t really know when I’d be comfortable going back to the gym, anyway, post COVID, so I’m going to be outright cancelling my gym membership and just taking advantage of Fitness+ when it launches.

Photo Credit: Apple

I admit that I did get a little distracted during the iPad portion of the event as I was buy looking online for more information regarding some of the Apple Watch stuff that wasn’t made clear (namely, are all of those new watch faces exclusive to the new watches or will I be able to get them on my Series 5?). Still, I caught the gist of it.

The base model iPad was updated with new hardware. The iPad Air looks like an iPad Pro now. TouchID is back in the power button. Basically, most of the leaks I saw were right. I’ll be doing more reading on the iPads and writing something about them in the future over on my other blog.

The event closed out with the announcement that iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS are available on Wednesday. I was kind of surprised by that but also saw it coming as I watched the event. When they started announcing that some of these products would be available starting Friday, I figured the software would have to drop by then. The reason I mainly find it weird is that there’s no time for a proper Gold Master release of the beta software, unless they push that out tonight.

Either way, I’m currently trying to download the 8th Public Beta of iPadOS 14 ahead of tomorrows release so I’m ready to field tech support questions from friends, family, and coworkers as they start to pour in. I just wish I had more time to familiarize myself with the software. 😂

What did you think of the Apple event today? We’re you excited by what you saw or were you underwhelmed? Honestly for me it was a little bit of both. Let me know your take in the comments below.

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