About That Jersey Gamer

Welcome to That Jersey Gamer!

I’m glad you found my little corner of the internet where I can talk about video games, all day, everyday.


I’d like to use this page to tell you a little about myself and the That Jersey Gamer brand I’ve created. I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey who has been playing games for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a passion for performing and like to create YouTube videos from time to time. I’m currently on hiatus from that as I strive to find a way to improve that content.

I also have a passion for writing, being it journalistic or creative–that’s how this blog was born, originally under the name 1138 Geek Confessions. I really didn’t have a lot to confess.

In late 2018, I decided to launch a podcast called That Jersey Gamer (you can find it on your podcatcher of choice), but doing a podcast alone really isn’t fun, I’m sad to admit. That quickly died off (though I may revive it from time to time for interviews or special topics). After letting the words That Jersey Gamer shift around in my head for months, I decided that it was time to rebrand my blog, a move I had been avoiding for a while.

I finally pulled the trigger on the idea and I’m glad that I did. Those of you who know me personally know that I am very opinionated and having a space like this is great to share those opinions with the world. Some of my opinions are very unpopular (I love Final Fantasy XV) and that’s okay. The beautiful thing about life is that we can all have differing opinions on games and platforms and that’s 100% okay.

Over time, I’d like to look into migrating this page to a top-level domain, if I can foster an odd little community. If the need arises, I’d also like to establish a Discord server. For now, however, I’m content just writing and sharing that writing with you.

I’d like to leave you now with a playlist of game reviews I have on my YouTube channel. I’d very much like to get into doing game review videos again at some point, but I can’t say for sure when that would be. I’ll be honest, I’m really proud of the Donkey Kong review and I hope you like it too.

-Dan Stransky
March 23, 2019

If you’re a streamer, game developer, YouTube video game content creator, or are in anyway associated with the gaming industry, I’d love to interview you for the blog or help you promote whatever you have coming out. If you’re from NJ, even better. I’d love to give some exposure to Jersey gamers, any day but everyone is welcome! Those emails can be directed to thatjerseygamer@gmail.com

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