Challenge Archive

One thing that I’ve discovered in my journey to learn how to effectively run a blog is the idea of a blogging challenge. When I’m doing these challenges, they’ll show up daily on the blog, but will inevitably be lost to time as more content gets pushed onto the site.

For that reason, I wanted to have a single page where anyone can come to read the archive of any blogging challenges I do here on That Jersey Gamer. In addition to having the key art and a link to each of the posts in chronological order, I’ll also be posting a little blurb about each challenge, including my thoughts on the experience, what I learned, and why I failed (if applicable).



I tried with my first 30 Day Challenge — I really did. The honest fact is that sometimes we get in our own way. Sometimes you look at everything you’re doing and have the single moment of doubt — that moment where you say “I suck at this and no one cares about this.” Sometimes you’re strong enough to pick yourself up from that. Sometimes your not. Sometimes you let that moment of doubt kill all the momentum you gained and all the work you did. I cam so close.

Upon returning to blogging, I decided not to complete the final five posts of this challenge to show that it’s okay to fail at something. It’s about how you pick yourself up from it, dust yourself off, and move forward.

I did learn a lot from this challenge, though. My biggest takeaway was this: finishing writing as much of the challenge as you can before you go public with it. Then, you can have the whole set of posts scheduled and ready to go while you focus on the primary content of your site.

I hope you enjoy reading this fun, albeit incomplete, challenge.